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K-Fit Boutique Gym... 

It's not your average gym. K-Fit is a woman owned private gym located in the heart of Valley Stream. For the last 5 years, K-Fit has been serving a community of women searching for progress, transformation, and support. At K-Fit we take pride in building and lifting up a strong family of women from all ages and all walks of life ready to begin their fitness journey. 


From Garage Gym to
Boutique Gym

 K-Fit was born out of a small garage. In less than a year, K-Fit grew from one woman to over 200 women.  In 2017, K-Fit Boutique Gym opened it's doors in the center of Valley Stream. Since then K-Fit has transformed women's fitness through weight-loss challenges, group classes, and individualized services. 

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