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"You are built not to shrink down to less, but to blossom into  more" ~ Oprah Winfrey 

Our Bloom Challenge is an 8 week K-Fit challenge designed to help you blossom into the amazing woman you are!  It's the time to grow and open up to new possibilities. This Spring, recommit to your goals and healthy habits, continue strengthening your mind and body, and achieve what you think impossible. 

March 1st to April 1st

Time to Spring Forward...

Don't slow down now! You've made resolutions, and it's time to recommit. 4 hardcore weeks of fitness, nutrition counseling, support, and accountability will give you the necessary nourishment to flourish and blossom into a more confident and stronger you. 

I'm ready to Bloom! 

Don't be a late bloomer! Hurry up and click below. Spring is coming and spaces are limited. 

Plant the Seed

$200 to secure your spot and the remaining $180 before our first official start on March 1st.  

To help you flourish...

  • Kick off party, Friday, March 1st 

  • Strategy session with measurements and before pictures

  • Four weeks of UNLIMITED classes 

  • Four 30min Fat Burning and Skin Tightening treatments 

  • Four weeks of dietician approved meal plans

  • Four weekly print-and-go grocery lists

  • 67 Delicious and easy to make recipes

  • IG accountability group with our trainers and nutritionist

  • Dining out swap guide 

  • Goal setting worksheet 

Need some more convincing? 


Read how past challenge participants felt after our last challenge! 

For ALL the beautiful blossoms

Every blossom deserves some love. We're giving you double the amount of pounds or inches (whichever is higher) that you lose as a percentage of your next package. 

But only one will take the Grand Prize. 

For the ONE blossom...

The Grand Prize: A Flower Power Makeover

  • Hair by Norma's Touch

  • Beauty by Ana T. 

  • Fitness clothing for your new figure by FlexFit 

  • Professional photoshoot to show off your achievements