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Life Coaching 


Strategy Session

At K-Fit we believe finding the right fit is all about knowing your body, mind, goals, and making changes in and outside of the gym.  


That’s why when you join K-Fit your first appointment is a Strategy Session with a personal trainer. During this session you’ll discuss your history, fitness and nutrition habits, as well as fitness goals that will allow you and your trainer to set a realistic plan that you’ll actually stick to.  


What’s the point of setting goals without a way to track them? 


It’s pretty hard to stick to something when you don’t see results. Your Strategy Session also includes measurements, and photos to keep track of your progress and transformation. Check out our past transformations to see what we're talking about! 

InBody TestMeasurements

Go beyond the scale With the Inbody Test, a non invasive body composition analysis that provides a detailed breakdown of your weight in terms of muscle, fat, and water.

Lifestyle Management

Meet with one of our top trainers to discuss how to be better prepared to reach your goals.

Learn to set goals, manage your time, plan your weekly training and nutrition and execute those plans.

If you're in need of accountability, and ready to eliminate self-destructing habits, this session is for you! 

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