Training * Nutrition * Mindset.

Whatever your resolution is this year,

we're DETERMINED to help you achieve it.

We just have one question for you-

Imagine a New Years Transformation Challenge where everybody wins...

Determined is the 6 week Strength Training K-Fit challenge designed to help you FIT. FIT some "you time" into your day, FIT into those old jeans, FIT permanent healthy habits into your routine and FIT success, new friends and bad-assery into your life... THE life your resolutions want you to carry through. 



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13.4Lbs in 6 weeks, I feel amazing, and for the first time I have learned to enjoy working out and having exercise incorporated to my daily routine, so much so that I actually miss it when I don't get to train. 

Jan 4th-

Feb 14th

6 weeks 

What the FIT is it about?

Starting the year so strong that you don't fall into the 92% of people who don't achieve their resolutions. It's six hardcore weeks of fitness, nutrition, mindset, and accountability. You in? 


  • Before & after photos/ measurements

  • Body Composition Analysis with IN-BODY Scale.

  • Strategy session to go over current goals, medical or physical restrictions, modifications.  

  • Challenge Orientation.


  • Unlimited group classes (virtual and indoor OR virtual only)   

  • 1:1 Strength Training Sessions (indoor or virtual)

  •  6 Week Progressive Load Personal Training Program

  • 5 minute Plank Challenge 


  • Macros Calculation utilizing your IN-BODY test results. 

  • Personalized Macros ABC Meal Plan tailored to achieve your goals.

  • Supplement Guide to optimize your progress.

  • Nutrition Orientation covering Macros, Calorie Tracking & Healthy Eating Alternatives. 


  • Private Accountability Group Chat

  • Teams Broken into Fitness Goals

  • Daily Coaching & Support

  • Weekly Execution Check-Ins

  • Bi-Weekly Motivational Emails

  • Grand Finale Celebration. 


1st Place 

from each team:

2 Months Free

Unlimited Training


Everyone else,

the K-Fit Double!  

That's double what you lose in BFI% or gain in MM (whichever is higher) as a percentage discount off your next package! 


Indoor & Virtual


Virtual ONLY 

Registration: $350

Balance based on package chosen may be paid in installments

*Current K-Fit membership holders pay the difference*

20% off if joining with an accountability partner. 

(Offers can not be combined) 



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Imagine this, you entering DETERMINED with a month of training under your belt, new habits already being made, goals getting crushed and... you're just getting started!