New Year's Transformation Challenge 


To Fit. 

Imagine a flash New Years Transformation Challenge where every body wins...

Now stop imagining, because it's real!


Determined to Fit is the 4 week K-Fit challenge designed to help you FIT. Fit some "you time" into your day, Fit into those old jeans, Fit permanent healthy habits into your routine and Fit success, new friends and joy into your life--THE life your resolutions want you to carry through; The life you're meant to live. 

What the FIT is it about?

Starting the year so strong that you don't fall into the 92% of people who don't achieve their resolutions. It's 4 hardcore weeks of fitness, nutrition, support, and accountability for ladies who are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. 

What the FIT does it cost?

How the FIT do I sign up?! 

Hurry up and click below. Seriously though, hurry the fit up because space is limited. This is a $550 package for $350 AND it is the first time we incorporate a nutritional package into a challenge! 

$175 to secure your spot and $175 before our first official start, January 3rd

What the Fit does it include?

  • Kick off party before our New Year's Soca Workshop on Friday January 4th 

  • Strategy session with measurements and before pictures

  • Four weeks of UNLIMITED classes 

  • Four 30min Fat Burning and Skin Tightening treatments 

  • Four weeks of dietician approved meal plans

  • Four weekly print-and-go grocery lists

  • 67 Delicious and easy to make recipes

  • IG accountability group with our trainers and nutritionist

  • Dining out swap guide 

  • Goal setting worksheet 

What the Fit do I win?

Thought you'd never ask! Aside from bragging rights, a gym addiction, and a pack of unicorn friends, your prize is up to you! 

What the Fit do we mean?

Well, EVERYONE WINS. Yes, we will DOUBLE the amount of pounds OR inches (whichever is higher) that you lose as a percentage off your next package. That's right, if you lose 5lbs we give you 10% off, if you lose 10lbs we give you 20%. 

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