What's your circle like?


Our circle is a welcoming, supportive community determined to push each other to succeed. It’s filled with women and men of all ages & fitness levels who are looking for more than just a good workout.


They’re looking for inspiration, encouragement and strength - both physical and mental. Our clients want to do better and be better, not just for themselves, but for all the people waiting for them at the finish line. The "Jaw Dropping Transformations" are just a bonus.


So what’s stopping you? Join the K-Fit circle today.

We're Open! 

We've implemented the following standards to ensure a safe reopening for staff and members! 

Reduced Capacity

to maintain social distancing. Just follow the floor markers

Health Screening & Temperature Checks

for all staff and clients upon arrival.

Touch-less Check In

A staff member will check you in! 


must be worn at all times by all inside the gym.

Shoe Sanitizing

before entering the workout area to keep our floors clean for push-ups! 

Deep Cleaning

between sessions, classes, & throughout the day.

Equipment Use

No Sharing! Assigned equipment for each class at your designated spot. Cleaned and disinfected between uses. 

Upgraded Filtration

with MERV-13 filters as recommended by the CDC for improved ventilation

Up For A Challenge? 

K-Fit Challenges are designed to jumpstart your weight-loss journey. 

Challenges last from 4 to 8 Weeks, give you access to unlimited group training, nutrition guidance, and 24/7 support that will help you surpass your goals in a healthy and sustainable way. 

Registration is OPEN for our New Year's Challenge.

Learn more or register by clicking the button below. 

1:1 Coaching

Virtual Training

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