That dreaded first step...

After a few months of training, one of my clients confessed she had been "stalking our Instagram page" for 9 months before reaching out... 9 MONTHS! So I decided to start asking others around the gym... Needless to say, the answers were just as shocking and we now use it as an ice breaker joke.

You’d be surprised how many people put it off, watching others succeed while they’re staying on the bleachers, wishing it were them out there. Everyone has a day one, everyone is walking into the unknown, everyone experiences a bit of nervous excitement to a different degree. Some join for a consult or what we call a "strategy session" before getting started, others come along to "watch" that beach bootcamp. No matter the approach, we’re always excited you decided to take the leap! Because when you do, the ball is in our court... it's OUR turn to show you what you're capable of.

Have you ever read The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by John Maxwell? It’s a GREAT book that has a powerful message. Def recommend it!

In chapter 7, John says:

"Most people allow their lives to simply happen to them. They float along. They wait. They react. And by the time a large portion of their life is behind them, they realize that they should have been more proactive and strategic."

Sometimes we drift through life, letting life happen to us. But then something happens and pushes us to take the leap... If you have taken that leap already, I want to applaud YOU for being proactive. Is not easy to take the first step towards the 2.0 version of yourself...

You got clear on what you wanted. You made a decision to take action. You've made the choice to transform and take on habits that will help you BREAK THROUGH!

Keep on taking those small steps... Your journey happens ONE day at a time, ONE workout at a time, ONE meal at a time, ONE decision at a time.

Committed to your success,

Coach Kari

Owner/Founder K-Fit Boutique Gym

Ps: The tables will turn, when you become part of our circle WE do the IG stalking. Lol!

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