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Karina Melo

Founder & Coach

Karina, born and raised in Bogotá Colombia, is a Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Life Coach known for her drive and passion. After working in the veterinary medicine field for over 14 years she dove into fitness for her own confidence and strength and the rest is history!

Karina, leader of the Kfit Movement, is now the owner and founder of a woman exclusive gym in Valley Stream Long Island, featured in Univision, Telemundo, News 12 and other media outlets for their motivational story and for their impact during the pandemic.

Karina, whose first gym began one car garage is a speaker in Women Empowerment Conferences and was mediator keynote speaker for the LENY Latinas en New York GOOGLE conference.

Her mission is to help her circle reach the point where they finally feel successful, fit, healthy and motivated by THEIR OWN results, while feeling a sense of belonging in her empowering supportive community.

IG: @_kfitny

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Vanessa Espinoza


Vanessa has earned her Bachelors Degree in Nutrition & Exercise Sciences at Queens College. Vanessa’s specialities include: strength, mobility, functional and corrective exercise. She is head of our Flexibility and Mobility sessions, that enhances exercise performance and activities of daily living.

IG: @nycvane

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Shaniqua Graham

Coach / Team Leader

From K-Fit intern, all the way to Coach, Say hello to Coach Shani! Single mom with an amazing little spliting image of herself named Peyton. Coach Shani loves to come up with creative ways to make things interesting in class and in life. Some of her favorite interests are Hiking, baking, gardening, anime, and all types of music. She is skilled not just in making you sweat but also in photography, making the waist beads you see our bombshell clients wearing, painting, drawing and writing. Coach Shani is constantly reminding you to be confident in yourself, your looks, your movements, your purpose and your goals. She is also a huge advocate for body positivity and individuality. 

IG: @buttercup21121

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Katherine Perez


I enjoy working out and I love encouraging other people to workout so they can feel what I feel every time I make it through a workout. I had always wanted to be a k-Fit’s intern and it was one of my many goals but in order to do that I needed to actually have started my certification program, it took me a while to decide but I have finally started my NASM Personal Fitness Training Certification Program on November of last year. I started my intership at K-Fit in January of this year and I am super excited for what’s coming. I think what I have liked the most so far is to learn not only the exercise movements or the supplementations but also to know and understand the reasons of why people in general decide to workout, I was amazed to know all the different reasons. It motivates me and it makes me hungry to learn more everyday as NEW K-Fit Coach.

IG: @katherine_marlenee


Anghie Hall



Angie is a first time mom to a very energetic toddler.


She's been into sports and fitness since she was a little girl, starting with basketball and cross country. She ran Division 1 Cross Country at LIU Brooklyn where she also earned her Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology.

She currently has certifications from NASM & ACE including; personal training and pre/post natal fitness. 

IG: @fitlifewithang


Leni Antorbeza



Silent but deadly! Leny comes with a four-year military background with the Marines. She has been a coach at K-Fit for a year. She has trained and competed in a Bikini Body Competition. Which includes weeks of devoted training hours and nutritional experience. Being dedicated to this competition, it has opened Leny’s passion for training not just herself but others, as well educating others on the whole aspect of nutritional value. Her approach is rooted in conditioning your body in the form of strength training with a solid foundation on proper nutrition.



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  Ann Lugtu

Coach Karina's Assistant


Ann has been a Virtual Assistant since 2009.  She's Coach Karina's right hand to help her with over all administrative, social media management, website changes, updates, marketing, etc.. to free up Coach Karina's time! When not on the computer, Ann enjoys going to the gym doing tabata and boxing training. As well as joining Spartan Races.


IG: @annstgram

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