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Transformations happen here. 

They happen in all shapes, sizes and timelines. 

They happen inside and they happen outside.


Read about our member's transformations!

Silvia M. 

Take Off Challenge | Little Black Dress Challenge |  2020

Screenshot 2022-11-03 at 07-57-41 K-Fit Boutique Gym (_kfitboutiquegym) • Instagram photos
Screenshot 2022-11-03 at 07-57-31 K-Fit Boutique Gym (_kfitboutiquegym) • Instagram photos

Lauren P. 

Relentless Challenge | 2020

Little Black Dress Challenge | 2019 

"Soon after I started my health and weight loss journey, I knew I had to incorporate fitness, and make it something I would love doing or else it wouldn’t last.  I was looking for a gym that was different than your average gym, but just didn’t know what exactly I was searching for.  After doing tons of research, and a little IG stalking, I took a chance on K-Fit and never looked back. Their team of professionals and the beautiful community of women and supportive partners that come together under their care are nothing short of amazing.  Karina pours her heart and soul into her challenges and they have only served to help me grow stronger mentally and physically. With K-Fit I feel like there is nothing I cannot accomplish if I am willing to put in that work!." 

Milton V. 

Unstoppable Challenge | Relentless Challenge |  2020

Katherine P.