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Outdoor & Virtual

Enjoy the fresh air or stay home, you choose, and K-Fit will be there, with trainers ready to motivate you and push you through 45 minutes of HIIT . No matter where you are you can join in on our group classes and start working towards your fitness goals one fiery, sweaty, class at a time.   


Virtual Group Classes

Transform your home into your personal K-Fit boutique gym. Simply book your class, receive an email with the link to the zoom class and start sweating! 

Outdoor Group Classes

Meet us at the beach or at the track for a group class that's bound to make you sweat and power you with all the vitamin D and good stuff you've been craving all winter long. 

Pay as you Go

Book your class and pay as you go! 

1 Month 

(12 Sessions)

12 Sessions for you to Join classes virtually and/or outdoors*

*Classes expire after one month.




Unlimited virtual and Outdoor classes throughout the month! Plus get access to 3 indoor classes. 


Inquire about our 3, 6, 9, and 12 month membership deals! 

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