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What are you

MADE of ?

You're more than just a number. You're a mean, fighting, running, dreaming, goal achieving machine! So why settle for a scale that sums you up into one? 

InBody Body Composition Scan 

Our New InBody Body Composition Scanner knows you ARE made of more. That’s why it gives you an inside look at your body throughout your fitness journey so you can not only feel your progress, but see it, track it, and optimize it. .  

Smarter Goals. Smarter Fitness.

AT K-Fit we’re all about helping you accomplish your goals, that’s why with the InBody Body Composition analysis test we’re taking the focus away from  a number of pounds and placing it onto how healthy you really are.  


Imagine knowing how much of your body is bone, muscle, fat, and water. 

Imagine knowing how many calories you need to consume daily based on your evaluation. 

Imagine knowing how many grams of protein you need to eat daily to maintain or increase your muscle mass.


Imagine walking out with a prescription for the amount of pounds of muscle/fat you needed to gain/lose. 

Imagine following a fitness routine that was targeted to the individual and unique needs of your body. 

Ready to find out what you're made of? 

How does it work? 

"Body Impedance Analysis is the most accurate body composition test. Our InBody Scan can tell you what the scale can’t"

By applying a small alternating current on the body, the InBody scale uses impedance analysis (resistance) to measure the amount of water in the body. 

Based on the amount of water, the InBody then gives you a break down of your body water, muscle, fat, in a printed Results sheet for you to go over with your trainer. 

InBody 270 - Results Sheet - SWYMO.jpg
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