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Breathwork, Movement and Crystals…Oh My!

Are you ready for some self-care, self-love and self-healing?
The Crystal Movement Workshop will take you through a combo of movements that will help express and release any pent up or unexplored emotions, followed by a unique breathwork technique that will awakened and deepen your awareness & love within and culminating with a healing crystal meditation that will leave you feeling grounded and rejuvenated.

Come with an open mind and an open heart!

Please make sure to bring water, make sure to wear comfy clothes to move in, (no shoes or sneakers required) and if you have any bring your crystals.

Mercedes Vasquez is the creatrix of CalienteSoulExpressions, LLC. She is a certified Crystal Reiki Lightwalker, Reiki Master, Femme Attuned Teacher, Revelation Breathwork Facilitator and Certified Intuitive Medium. Her knowledge of crystals and their healing properties combined with her ability to attune to energy fields & communicate with spirit helps her to be of service

Breathwork, Movement and Crystals Energy Healing Work Shop

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