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Whether you’re a lifelong athlete or just beginning your fitness journey you’ll fit right in at K-Fit. Our Certified Personal Trainers will guide you through exercises specifically tailored for your needs and goals. 

Every member at K-Fit begins their journey with 1;1 Personal Training sessions during their Kickstart Foundations Program. 


Personal Development/ Mentorship

Meet with our owner and founder Coach Karina to discuss how to be better prepared to reach your goals.

Learn to set goals, manage your time, plan your weekly training and nutrition and execute those plans.  These sessions are all about unlocking your true potential, fostering mental resilience, and creating a better version of yourself.

If you're in need of accountability, and ready to eliminate self-destructing habits, this session is for you! 

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You are busy, on the go, and sometimes you feel like you can’t keep it together. We get it. Work with one of our certified nutrition coaches to help build a sustainable nutrition plan that makes you feel as good as you look. Develop smarter dietary choices, sustainable change, and a better relationship with food.

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Frustrated with how little information a traditional scale provides? The inBody is a non-invasive body composition analysis that provides a detailed breakdown of your weight in terms of muscle, fat, water, and energy expenditure, all in less than 30 seconds. Get results you can trust and learn from, so you can reach your goals with precision and actionable objectives.

inBody readings are included for all 1:1 training clients and group class membership clients. 

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Overcrowded and smelly workout classes are a thing of the past. K-Fit small group classes are big enough for you to feel motivated and small enough for trainers to come around and fix your form. In other words? The perfect fit.

Experience a challenging and fun workout every single time in a group setting. K-Fit's weekly group class programs are a balanced combination of cardio and strength-focused and designed to give you the most well rounded training possible.

Group Classes available indoor and virtual.

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Life is busy, and sometimes it takes you away from our gym!

No matter whether you travel frequently for work, if you don’t live near Valley Stream or if you can't just make it to our gym. We have both LIVE virtual and personalized remote training programs for you to follow no matter where you are! 

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