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Transformations happen here. 


They happen in all shapes, sizes, ages and timelines. 


They happen physically and they happen within.

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Lauren P. 

Client since 2019

"Soon after I started my health and weight loss journey, I knew I had to incorporate fitness, and make it something I would love doing or else it wouldn’t last.  I was looking for a gym that was different than your average gym, but just didn’t know what exactly I was searching for.  After doing tons of research, and a little IG stalking, I took a chance on K-Fit and never looked back. Their team of professionals and the beautiful community of women and supportive partners that come together under their care are nothing short of amazing.  Karina pours her heart and soul into her challenges and they have only served to help me grow stronger mentally and physically. With K-Fit I feel like there is nothing I cannot accomplish if I am willing to put in that work!." 

Relentless Challenge

Little Black Dress Challenge

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Katherine P.

Client since 2018 | Coach since 2022

"To me every time I think of transformation challenges it’s always between love and hate kind of feeling because sometimes you’re not always motivated on doing your workouts or diets or feel like giving up on them, but K-Fit boutique gym is always there to give you the wake up call and to remind you why you even decided to do the challenge and to stay disciplined to your goals and to yourself! So when I see results like these it gives me self confidence and it makes me want to go harder on my real goals, because this is only the beginning to reach my real goals! Thank you K-Fit for making this possible and easier." 

Unstoppable Challenge

Little Black Dress Challenge


Sue S.  

Client since 2019

"I joined a K-Fit challenge after following Karina on Instagram. I must’ve been following her for at least 2 years. All the while watching as she helped many women lose weight and get fit. One day, I even ran into her at local restaurant. Recognizing her, I introduced myself and told her I was a fan.


She asked me what I was waiting for to come in!? I thought it was a sign for me to get up and finally do something about all the weight I had gained. But still, I delayed joining. In fact, it took me another 3 to 4 months before I finally accepted the K-Fit challenge. I joined and started on January 4. Six weeks later, I had lost a total of 14 pounds! I started training at least 3X a week. The first couple of times I went, I thought I was going to DIE! It was hard. It was intense. But it felt GREAT to get through a session and not die!

With time, I did get better. I lost enough weight so my knees didn’t hurt and I was even able to start running again (I haven’t done that in years!) I’m so glad I accepted Karina’s invitation. It has changed my life. I now take care of myself and realize that when I exercise I’m doing it for me. I’m grateful to the K-Fit family for all the strength and joy they shared with me."

Determined To Fit Challenge


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